Golf Shorts and Plus Fours: Musings from a Golfing Traditionalist

I find it therapeutic to walk by the water and think about how I will market my newly published book, Golf Shorts and Plus Fours. The tedious editing after long segments of writing is behind me and now I have to get the book out there so the world knows about it. I try not to think about the overwhelming amount of tasks I must undertake to make it a success in the marketplace. There is no publishing machinery-it is me. But the great thing about this process is I get to think about golf subjects, golf courses, golf personalities and marvelous ways on how to sell my book. This energizes me every day.

I view this self-publishing project as a giant jigsaw puzzle. Who do I market to first? What “holes” from my book are the best, funniest, and catchiest to my golfing audience? Questions fire through my brain. I have several pieces on the board but my jigsaw is complex.

The book cover’s look has exceeded my expectations and I think lovers of the game will pick it up in their hands and wonder what the book is all about. The helpful quotes provided on the back cover by Tom Watson, George Peper, Gary Player and the others who have read certain holes on my golf course round out the overall look. This was important to me and I am glad iUniverse was able to create the cover using the great photograph of Chief and me walking the Road Hole. It encapsulates the comradeship and traditions of the game I hold dear.

It is exciting to know that the book is now published and I can focus on building the infrastructure of my web site, social media and other building blocks to try and get my name, and book out to the world. I can’t wait to see the first copy of the hardcover and softcover in February so I can share with my wife Alison and then trek down to see my mother and present them to her. Then I can point to Sam Morgan, my father in the heavens to say, “Bob’s Your Uncle, I did it for you”.


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